Illustration paragraphs/essays explain a point through the use of examples.  Often this method of development is used in conjunction with other methods such as contrast or argument.

The steps for creating effective illustration writing are listed below:

Below is a sample illustrative paragraph:

Why the South Lost the War

    Although many American citizens like to believe that the Confederacy lost the American Civil War because good will always prevail over evil, history tells us that this isn't the case.  The truth is, the South lost the war because it was attitudinally unprepared, geographically unsuitable, and economically unstable for winning against its enemy the North. First, many southerners entered the war believing their arrogant, rebellious natures would deem them better soldiers.  While confidence is a plus whatever the stakes, underestimating the opponent, as the South has hopefully learned, is deadly.  The Confederacy was also geographically less than desirable because much of it was landlocked and had fewer large ports for receiving shipments of munitions and other necessary materials for war.  Finally, the South was an agrarian nation, offering little in the way of industry for manufacturing and, as a result, fewer railroads for receiving war goods.  This fact is evidenced by the economic depression experienced by southern farmers following the war. To this day, many southern families are still angry over losing a war whose outcome could have easily been predicted on paper.