Fall 2014
Oral Presentation Guidelines


Grades will be based on research, effort to understand the materials and ability to engage your classmates.  Each team should elect a captain who will submit a list of each team member's contributions to the project.  Individual (not group) grades will be determined based on individual contribution.  Students absent on the day of their team's presentation will receive a grade of zero for the presentation.


Week 11

November 6
“That Evening Sun”: pages 1696-1707

Team: Stephanie Qualls, Alexis Sharp, Jessica Stafford, Vonna Stickles, Robin Vernon, Hunter Wood

Week 12

November 13
“Good Country People”: pages 1990-2003

Team:  Andi Kimbrough, Gary McGuire, Taylor McKinney, Madison Pitts

Week 13

November 18
“Battle Royal”: pages 1933-1943

Team: Laura Gilbert, Joe Goins, Alisha Hefty, Jeffrey Holmes, Nick Horton, Taylor Hutton

November 20
“Lost in the Funhouse”: pages 2004-2021

Team: Chris Chapman, Brittany Dodd, Reagan Elliott, Priscilla Frankln, Adam Fuller

Week 15

 December 2
“The Red Convertible”

Team: Chris Amason, Lynzie Beerman, Markham Boyd, Matthew Brown, Chase Carder