Humanities 1130

Project II Teams and Topics

You may wish to select a captain for your team.  Research the assigned topic and prepare a 20-25 minute presentation with visual aids to share with your classmates, as well as a written document (2-4 pages) to submit to me.  Use MLA format for your paper.  Please be sure to use in-text citations and a Works Cited page to list the sources used in your presentation and essay.  For a concise guide to MLA, see Please remember to use reliable sources in your research (While quite entertaining and informative, Wikipedia is not always reliable). Provide a listing of each team memberís contributions to the project.  Teams I, II, III and IV should be prepared by April 24.  Teams V, VI, and VII should be prepared by April 26.  As opposed to providing directed questions, as with the first projects, this time, you are free to deal with your topics as broadly or narrowly as you wish.


TEAM I: Branches of Islam

Jawona Polk
Christopher Justus
James Mize
Kate Till
Ashley Bradford

TEAM 2: Karma

Travis Ring
Pierre Watkins
Jared Carter
Candace Dremel

TEAM 3: Zen Buddhism

Taylor Willis
Adrian Crutcher
Nathan Gundy
Nathan Farmer

TEAM 4: Japanese Samurai

Alex Dickey
Kellye Jock
Ashley Millikan
Sequena Snipes


TEAM 5: Coptic Christianity
Jenna Klein
Hannah Reece
Cheyenne Butz
Erik Warner

TEAM 6: The Black Death
Jarrett Scott
Danielle White
Will Caruthers
Evan Dumser

TEAM 7: The Canterbury Tales

Logan Masonoff
Christopher Jimenez
Alexis Cummins
Ben Winters