Humanities 1130

Project I:

You may wish to select a captain for your team.  Research the assigned topic and prepare a 20-25 minute presentation with visual aids to share with your classmates, as well as a written document (2-4 pages) to submit to me.  Use MLA format for your paper.  Please be sure to use in-text citations and a Works Cited page to list the sources used in your presentation and essay.  For a concise guide to MLA, see  Please remember to use reliable sources in your research (While quite entertaining and informative, Wikipedia is not always reliable). Provide a listing of each team memberís contributions to the project.  Teams I, II, III and IV should be prepared by February 28.  Teams V, VI, and VII should be prepared by March 1.

Team I Members:

Ashley Bradford
Candace Dremel
Nathan Farmer
Sequena Snipes

Topic: Ancient Babylonian Deities
Who were they?     Did they have assigned realms of influence? What was manís relationship to/with them? What worshiping practices were observed?  What artifacts are left to tell archeologists and historians about them?

Team II Members:

Cheyenne Butz
Evan Dumser
Logan Manoff
Kate Till

Topic: The Book of the Dead
Where specifically was it discovered? What purpose(s) did it serve? What sorts of writings are contained within it? In what language is it written?  Who had access to it?  Where is it (the original scrolls) now?

Team III Members:

Jared Carter
Nathan Gundy
Ashley Millikan
Erik Warner

Topic: The Eleusinian Mystery Cult
When and where did this cult exist?  Who were its members?  What rituals did it practice?  What god(s) did it worship? What happened to the cult or are their still members today?

Team IV Members:

Will Caruthers
Christopher Jimenez
James Mize
Pierre Watkins

Topic:   Troy
History books have much to tell us about the Greeks, but far less is stressed about the losers of the Trojan War.  Who were the Trojans?  What was their lifestyle?  What were their religious beliefs? What artifacts are available to give clues to their civilization?  How much of Homerís depiction has been proven to be true?  Please provide specific details. How much has been proven false?

Team V Members:

Adrian Crutcher
Kellye Jock
Hannah Reece
Danielle White

Topic: Herodotus
Who was he?  Where and when did he live?  What contributions did he make to Greek (and Western) civilization?  What artifacts are around to let us know the details of his life?  Provide meaningful examples of his work.

Team VI Members:

Alexis Cummins
Christopher Justus
Travis Ring
Taylor Willis

Topic: Hellenization of India
When did the Hellenization of India occur?  Was it peaceful or violent? What examples of Greek influence are still present in India? What elements of Greek culture could be attributed to an Indian influence?

Team VII Members:

Alex Dickey
Jenna Klein
Jarrett Scott
Ben Winters
Jawona Polk

Topic: Sophists
Who were they?  When did they live?  What were their tenets or beliefs? Where did they derive their ideas? Who were (if any) some renowned adherents to their beliefs? What happened to those who opposed them? What was their influence on later Greek schools of thought?